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Anonymous asked:

Hiya i love you blog and i have a vagina care question. I'm really concerned about the way my lady parts smell and I was wondering about healthy ways to change it? Or wash it better? I feel like I'm doing something wrong ://


Hi Anon! We’re glad you like the blog!
To wash your vulva (the outside area around your vagina), it’s healthiest to use water and a little unscented soap if you want (only on the outside). Washing more than once a day is unnecessary and can put you at risk for infections. Wearing cotton underwear and loser clothing allows your vulva to breathe, which can help with odor. It’s also healthiest to avoid douches (which can get rid of the bacteria that help your vagina clean itself) and scented soaps, pads, and tampons (which can cause infections and make your vagina produce more discharge). You may also want to try changing tampons and pads more frequently.
Some people say that changing your diet can alter how vaginas smell, but there doesn’t seem to be any hard scientific evidence out there. Fruits (especially pineapple) and pineapple and cranberry juices supposedly improve smell. Meat, fish, onions, garlic, coffee, and cigarettes are said to make you smell less pleasant.
Sometimes an infection (like an STI or a bacterial or yeast infection) can cause your vagina to have a strong, unpleasant scent. If you don’t have any other symptoms this is likely not the cause, but if you’re worried you can ask a healthcare provider.
In the end, chances are you don’t need to be concerned. Our society makes people with vulvas really self conscious about how they smell. But, as long as you’re washing healthily and don’t have a infection, you probably smell just fine. You’re not missing some vulva-care secret that everyone else has. All vulvas/vaginas are going to have some kind of scent, and that’s healthy! They’re human body parts and they won’t smell like flowers.​
Sarah, Sex Educator


To all the Black men,
Who worship white, Hispanic and “exotic” women.

To all the Black men,
Who think that those women are the greatest gifts.

To all the Black men,
Who bash dark skinned women.

To all the Black men,
Who say they’ll never date a Black woman.

To all the Black men,
Who reinforce negative stereotypes against Black women.

To all the Black men,

Who is by your side during these times?

Who is reminding you that you are loved?

Who is reminding you that you are worthy?

Who is at the forefront fighting by your side?

Who is defending your right..
Our right
To simply take up space?

Where are those other women when you need them?

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